Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jewish persecution

Jews were the main target for persecution during Nazi Germany. Anti-Semitism had been around long before Hitler; however it was during Hitler’s reign when the persecution of Jews grew tremendously. It is believed that approximately 6 029 500 Jews either died from being killed by murder or dying from disease or starvation from overcrowded Ghettos. The Nazi Party wanted complete genocide of the Jews, often blaming the Jews for Bolshevism, leaving German’s unemployed and being a people without a homeland.

Jews were thought of as a sub-human race and Hitler's plan was to commit genocide on these people in order for his ideal nation and perfect people, the Aryan race. In Nazi propaganda, Jews were often depicted as monstrous, greedy, seductive and evil - most always being represented by the star of David.

German children during the Holocaust grew up with Nazi propaganda around them, thus grew up believing that Jews were indeed horrible monsters - supporting the Nazi cause.

There are many ways in which Jews were persecuted. Many Jews were taken to concentration camps where they could have died from maltreatment such as starvation, disease and hard labour, or were tortured or executed by different means.

Gas chambers were used to kill masses of Jews at a time. They were hoarded into these chambers where poisonous gas was released.

Corpses were piled in pits to be buried, or burned and the ashes scattered.

Some Jews, such as twins, were used for medical experiments.

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